Sunday, October 25, 2015

What a Blessing!

Today our little granddaughter Miss Oakley got blessed at church. Oh how we wished would could have been there for it. But since we were both there just a few months ago, to help them move in and for the arrival of Miss Oakley, we just couldn't afford. But some of her family got to be there, so we were grateful for that.
Krystal was worried about the dress might not fit, since Oakley is growing so fast. This dress was crocheted by Krystal's Great Grandmother, so Oakley's Grandmother, Mom and Aunt ...all wore this Blessing Dress, I love that it has been handed down for generations! Isn't this a beautiful dress...for such a beautiful little girl. I love that she had this and my blessing afghan with her, at least a part of us is with her. I love this little girl

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