Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Is it Hot in here?

Today was a wonderful day, I got to teach the Make it Take it class with some dear friends.
I love watching people enjoy learning and creating together!
We laughed and talked about a ton of things. One thing that we talked about was menopause, that story started because I kept having so many hot flashes ...during my class.
 I know that a lot of women have already been down this road, many of them have shared what they did for Hot Flashes when it happened to them. I appreciate any ideas I could get. Some have told me about the miracle creams that they tried ( which are hormone creams ), I know they work great but... after having Cancer twice ...any type of hormone therapy isn't an option for me. Oh how I wish there was something that worked.

I had to smile the other day when a dear friend brought me a beautiful fan!
She just said she that she had been reading my blog and truly understood!
Somehow information and advice from someone who has been there...makes a huge difference!

I am truly blessed with many dear friends! Thanks to them... I am sure I will survive! :)

Natural remedies, hormone replacement and exercise does not help.  Don't believe the lies.:
Good Night dear friends!

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