Tuesday, October 20, 2015

What a weekend!

Today was my Stocking Class at Circa 15, it went really well and I didn't stop till an hour and half later. It was fun to see so many of my dear friends, as well as make some new ones. I think everyone agreed with me, that this is the fastest and easiest stocking pattern I have ever done. Good thing because I need do more stockings for my family ...before December!!!! They will have to be a bit different if I do them the new way, but as long as they are as big as the the other stockings...I don't think any one will complain!

So Saturday Jeff took Angie to her Volleyball game, I went to pick up Jenny from a birthday party. We thought our Sleep Over was over but ...we thought that if we could work things right on Saturday then we could have two more days together. Lucky for us...we got it all figured out so we got 2 more days, Yeah!
So we went to Mulbacks for their Fall Festival...just look at the fun we

Look at Angie's face, that is some serious coloring on that ghost sucker!

Then we found the stuffed animals... and so let's just say we had a bit of our time there!


Pumpkin  contests, photo props!

After Mulbacks we headed home and then got showers and clothes out and ready for Sunday, then movie and popcorn before we went to bed.

Then Sunday after church we decided to create something.
 Our first concern was for all the animals in the house, where do they sleep at night? :) So we decided to make some blankets and holders for them to sleep in!

 Then once we made some for their animals...we thought of a few more animals that might need a home and place to stay. I was able to get them adopted today! Sweet!
Now can you tell why I didn't blog for awhile? I am still tired, happy... but tired!

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