Wednesday, October 21, 2015

My girls!!!

Today started early when I left at 6:30 am for Amy's house. She has had a bad toothache since Friday and went to have it checked out on Tuesday. She found out that she had a bad cavity in one of her Wisdom Teeth. But instead of doing that, they thought the best thing would be for her to have all 4 of her Wisdom Teeth out today at 8:15am.
So I headed out and got the girls up and out the door for school. Audrey and I watched Daniel the Tiger show till Amy came back from her surgery. A friend brought her home and to be honest...she looked pretty good...not loopy at all. When Brad came home, he tried to get out of the car while I was driving :), Lauren was hurting pretty bad and she just slept and moaned some...and then there was Lee, who kept trying to make a phone call from his wallet :) So I was glad to see that she wasn't hurting too bad.
So I spent the day watching over this little  sweet, crazy and wild little girl Miss Audrey...she is tough through and through! 
But when she is sweet...

She is really, really sweet! Love my girls and glad that I was able to help out today and that Amy is on her road to recovery!

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