Friday, October 16, 2015

2 Day Sleep Over/ Operation Christmas

The girls came over Thursday because they were out of school. So school's out = Sleep Over at Nana's house! It was a beautiful fall day so we had a great time. The girls picked more Gourds. We thought that we were growing Pumpkins but ... to our surprise we were growing gourds. Funny it didn't seem to bother the girls at all... they loved the gourds too! Oh to be a kid!

This morning the girls woke up and climbed in bed with me and we talked, giggled and laughed for over an hour ...talking about why I wanted to be named Nana when I first found out that I was going to be a Grandmother. They really laughed at some of my ancestor's names as grandparents!

Then we decided to eat breakfast and then stay in our jammies and do some kind of creative project.
I feel blessed that they love to create with Nana! :)

We decided to work on a project called OPERATION CHRISTMAS!!!!
So we set up stations, the girls made beautiful signs for each station. We even had Bathroom Station...necessary I guess! :)

Jenny really loved to get back on the sewing machine, she is really doing a good!

We even had an Ironing Station! Angie totally ironed all the fabric we used!
The foot stools I have made it perfect for both of them to be able to reach their machine foot pedals.
We had all kinds of stations...we had a cutting, sewing, ironing, serging, turning, pressing,  and stuffing! Oh we had sooo much fun with OPERATION  CHRISTMAS!

I love that my girls, actually all my kids love to serve and create! What sweet hearts they have!!!!

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