Sunday, November 1, 2015

The Baby Drop Box

Jeff and I watched this documentary on this preacher in Korea, who saves orphaned babies. What an amazing story of someone who is living a Christ-like life! Read it or try to
look it HERE:

Jusarang Community Church is a timeworn building burrowed deep within twisting alleys up a hilly working-class district in Seoul. If not for the pastel rainbows and meadows painted on its walls, the church would blend inconspicuously into the residential neighborhood. Over the last several years, however, the church has become famous—and infamous—as home to Korea’s first “Baby Box.” It’s where desperate women from all over the country come to drop off their newborn babies.
South Korea isn’t the only developed nation with foundlings. The archaic baby box concept has been spreading in other postmodern nations like Germany, Austria, Poland, Switzerland, Czech Republic, and Canada through independent entities, many existing in legal limbo. Even in the United States, babies are still abandoned unsafely, and in extreme cases tossed down chutes, into toilets, out windows. 
Tim Jaccard wept over many such lifeless tiny bodies while working as a paramedic for the Nassau County Police Department in Long Island, N.Y. To give these babies proper burials, he founded the AMT—short for Ambulance Medical Technicians—Children of Hope Foundation in 1998. His mission has since evolved: pushing for state laws allowing parents to give up a newborn child legally and anonymously to state-designated “safe haven” locations such as police stations and hospitals—no questions asked, no legal repercussions. 
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