Thursday, June 25, 2015

I am so blessed!

One thing that happened to me the other day at Target (when I was there trying to get some cough medicine) after the my Doctor's appointment, I was checking out the young girl who was the cashier and she asked me something that I have never heard in my life, she said " may I see your license", I had already lost my voice, so I couldn't ask her why ...but I am sure she looked and saw my surprised face. Then she said "I am sorry I just have to ask to make sure you are over 18 before I sell this to you". I still couldn't believe it, but I felt so bad... I just smiled and left.
When I told Jeff that story that night, he laughed to and said "you should have been flattered". Still made me laugh. The truth is I have never bought or even touched alcohol my whole life, just seemed odd that they have to ask that about cough syrup because some people abuse it. Anyway, I should have promised that girl  I would use it only when needed!

Today I had a few dear friends stop by and that was a real treat, although I could only whisper to them. The first friend brought me some fruit and helped me, the next friend brought me this beautiful handmade tissue holder and some wonderful soup and ...

These beautiful flowers from her garden! 

Then another friend came by and brought me some brocolli and this beautiful flower arrangement.  
 I am so grateful for my dear friends! Not sure how I got so blessed with sooo many friends!

I am still struggling with my breathing tonight and I really hope that the antibiotics kick in very soon.

As I went out to water the flowers tonight look who I found. This bunny that visits our back yard every night. I can't believe that he likes our yard, it is nothing but weeds and yet he comes out every night to eat them We have been trying to get rid of these bunnies in our neighborhood for a couple of years, but now as I watch him tonight eat my weeds... ( since my flowers are too high for him to get ), I think maybe he will eat all the weeds, and magically i will have a nice yard again! I know...wishful thinking right. At least I wasn't alone tonight!

Good Night dear friends!

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