Tuesday, June 9, 2015

1st Date- 37 years ago!

Jeff and I celeberated our 37th FIRST DATE  ANNIVERSARY tonight, it was actually a day early because I am going to be gone tomorrow night. On our first date we went to a movie and dinner...Pizza Hut is where we went, but I can't remember what the movie was.
We decided since the weather was so nice to go play Minature Golf, then we had Sushi for dinner!

 Jeff getting ready to go into the Cave (with the bear growling ) before he played the next hole! You can tell by my face ...that I am winning!
So here is the proof...I won!!! Sorry Jeff, but oh what a fun Date Night after 37 years, you didn't disappoint this girl! :)

Even though I beat him, he still thinks there is a good chance of a 2nd Date! :) What a good sport!

"Thank you for reminding what butterflies feel like!"

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