Monday, June 15, 2015

Another one joins the ranks!

Ever since my kids were little, I tried to start teaching them to create things with their hands. It might be drawing, coloring, crocheting, sewing, painting, name it and we did it! How fun now to start teaching the next generation! As you can see with Miss Audrey here, we start them out quite young! :)

Each time they come to my home or I go to theirs, we try to develop their creative genes a little bit more and more.

They never seem to tire of Nana showing them how to do new and creative things together. I love sharing what I love to do... with them too!
Here is me showing Kai how to Stiple on Quilts at the Quilt Con in Austin, Texas this year!

Now that Angie has conquered Hand crocheting so well, and even knows how to use beads with her crocheting, I think she is about ready to start using the hook more! Then the sky will be the limit!

I had to laugh today when Amy and the girls came over and then we had some dear friends ( adopted family ) over for the day too, I hadn't seen 3 of the kids for a bit and went downstairs and their were Jenny and Angie crocheting and trying to explain to their friend just what Hand Crocheting was. She looked really interested, so I sat down for about a half hour with her and taught her. Jenny said when she saw her finish her first bracelet..." Well, Nana it looks like she is addicted to croceting like us! " Jenny said that crocheting makes her happy and she has a hard time stopping herself from crocheting! Does that sound like one of my grandchildren? 

So here is our cute friend with her new necklace that she crocheted all by herself. I just gave her a flower pin to put on it and... a flowered headband to have. Always glad to have someone who appreciates my creations! She and her family are heading back home in a couple of days. She said to me " Aunt Lynn, I wished we lived closer so you and I could crochet all the time! " She is just too cute! So of course I sent her home with a bag of yarn and she started crocheting before her Dad even started the car! Yes, I think another one has joined the ranks ...of those who like to crochet!

The desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul...

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