Monday, June 22, 2015

Having to go to Plan B...once again!

Well, I am sorry it has been a couple of days since I have written but it has been a crazy few days. When the girls and I were rearranging and cleaning the rooms, I didn't put on my face mask to protect my lungs...I know better but honestly when it is hot is really hard to want to put anything over your mouth. But I should have because by Friday I was having tightness in my chest and my nose and eyes were running.
Amy came over Saturday and I could tell that I was still struggling with my breathing. She helped me work on my Sewing Studio downstairs, she was a great help. What an organizer she is, not sure how any of my kids got that talent...not from me, that's for sure!
The girls played outside and made some homemade crocheted sandles, they are pretty creative with that yarn.

 I was worried it would get too bad for me to teach on Sunday but my prayers were answered and I got to teach just fine, except that my voice was really deep...I sounded like Jeff.
My lesson was on the importance of having Prophets on the earth. We turned on my time machine and went back in time and went over what we learned from prophets of old!
Jeff and I went over last evening to Amy and John's for a Father's Day dinner, she did a great job!
Then Jeff got to Face Time or calls with the other kids. 
Jeff is one of the most wonderful Dad I have ever seen. How grateful I am to have him in our lives!

I had a hard time breathing last night and so when I woke up this morning, I knew I was in trouble when my chest was hurting bad when I woke up, plus I didn't have my voice. To cough really hurt, I knew I had better get into the Doctor right away! 
I got in to see her this afternoon and it was what I suspected Pneumonia again! It was in the right lung and she suspected the left one because I was wheezing when I tried to give her big breaths. Oh well, got my antibiotics and inhaler tonight so I guess I will stay down for a few days! Definitely not what I planned. My granddaughter and I had planned a big 5 day Sleep Over, I was sad that Jeff had to call tonight and postpone that with her. Guess it will have to be Plan B again!

Well, I don't feel like doing much, but I did get a good laugh from watching this short video of a Grandson and his Grandfather playing a game together. It was too cute and I would like to get that game myself!

If you want to smile today then watch this...
funny video for grandparents HERE:
Good Night dear friends!

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