Friday, June 19, 2015

Generations helping each other!

If you have ever had a loved one in a Nursing Home or caring for them in your own home, you know how lonely they get and discouraged they get. Life has slowed down for them so much that sometimes they feel like it has nearly stopped! Yet, when they see little children around them, their whole countance changes.
We saw it with my Grandma Johnny. Just a couple of years after Jeff and I got married, we lived just a block away from the nursing home she was in. Almost every day, Amy and I would walk over to go see her. From the moment we walked in the door, all of the ladies started holding out their hands ( if they could ) wanting Amy to come talk to them or at least give them a hug. Amy was so good with them, she took time to visit for just a moment with each one before getting to her Great Grandma Johnny.
It would make Grandma made though, she would always say... " she isn't part of their family and yet they won't live her alone. She came to see me! " 
At first I was going to tell her Grandma that's not nice, then I remembered each day she waited for us to come. She said that wherever they put her in the morning after breakfast, that was where she would stay all day, even if we just came for a made her day! So having never been in that situation, I decided to not say a word. How we loved her and I hope that she knew that.

Anyway, watch how these people in this Nursing Home light up...when these little kids come to visit them!

watch it Here:

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