Monday, June 29, 2015


Well, this was a long week, but I was grateful to feel a bit stronger, have my voice back and to finally get to see the girls again. Also Jeff came home last night, I sure missed him but I was glad that he got to go help Brad and Krystal move into their new house.
 It's fun to see how creative the girls get with just with some paper, scissors, markers, and scotch tape. Doesn't take much to make them happy!
Jenny said she drew this picture of she and I. She said "Nana, I drew me and you together with all your favorite colors, Red, Green and Yellow and I put Christmas decorations around us to, since you love Christmas so much!"  That little girl sure knows her Nana!
Audrey is learn more new words every day. Tonight she wanted to eat dinner outside in her house! Fun to hear her talk so much now!

 I was grateful for the chance to make a new friend the other night. She was a lady who came into the shop a week or so ago and Friday night she came by my house to pick something up. Friday was my first day up and by that night I was pretty tired, but felt impressed to have her come in and visit for awhile. As we sat on the deck with another beautiful summer evening, I was able to listen to her life story. She had had some very hard times in her life, she felt alone and I was glad that she had come by. I could relate to many things she talked about. But most of all I was thankful to remind her that God loved her and knew about her trials. I promised her that if she would pray, that He would always be there to support her and help make her equal to any task or trial that life could throw at her. When she left, I knew that it was not chance that we met one day at the Quilt Shop. I believe everything happens for a reason. I was grateful to make yet another ...dear friend! One can never have too many! :)

" Because when you stop and look is pretty good!"

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