Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Who is the best Mom?

A friend of mine just had her 2nd baby, when asking her how she felt with this one compared to having her first...she just smiled and said "everything was much easier". 
I found that out for myself when Amy (our oldest) was born. She really was an easy baby and yet I must have called the NURSE ON CALL a million times! At least once or twice a day. Questions that were like this ... "Amy's arm turns blue and purple looking sometimes when I am nursing her, what does that mean?", Amy hasn't burped the last 2 feedings, what do I do? and on and on went the panicked questions to this seasoned nurse and Mom.
She was never rude or complained about how many times I called. She was my life saver! I probably called her as many times as I called my Mom...that is serious! Even her kids knew my voice on the phone when I called and would say " Mom, it's Lynn again! "
The first day that Jeff had to go back to work after Amy was born, I remember sobbing after he left, and then praying hard that some how I would know how to take care of this little newborn baby that was completely dependent on me! I didn't have any of those Natural Instincts everyone talks about, at least not yet!
By the time I had Brad ( Our second oldest ), I had become a little calmer and seemed to know a few more things about how to handle babies and be a Mom. Still each child  brought their own type of challanges, yet...slowly I was gaining more Wisdom and for that I was grateful.
Then somewhere in between the beginning of Motherhood and up till having kids in School there comes this competitive/ comparison thing that seems to happen. You start to judge yourself critically at times, by what you see other Mothers doing or accomplishing! Then the real pressure starts. It is real and yet it should be funny because no two babies are alike, no two Moms are alike and especially no two family situations are why do we compare ourselves to everything and everyone?

 Finally, as you get older as a Mom, you realize what really matters is what you are doing and can do. But sometimes this takes a while to figure it out.

Amy and I went to a Womens Conference last month, there was this Mom there ( Lisa Valentine Clark ) that is an author and actor. Anyway, this is the first video I had seen of hers, she was and is halarious and she hits the nail on the head when it comes to Competion between Moms. You have to watch it, she is too funny and I think most Moms will relate to it. Anyway if you haven't laughed for today...then watch this!
watch her HERE:
She has a lot more videos to watch HERE:
Hope you enjoy it!
Good Night dear friends!
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There is no way to ... #motherhood #quotes

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