Sunday, April 26, 2015

How could she be two?

Hard to believe that 2 years ago today, Miss Audrey came into our family. She came out as a Red head and now is a totally Blondie! She has a lot of personality in that little body of hers. She has been such a treat to have around.

She is my first Granddaughter to really love her baby dolls, that has been very fun for Nana. Not that I don't mind making clothes and quilts for dinosaurs and rocks but... but it is nice to have a change for a bit and have them play with dolls!
 She had fun this year at Snowflake lane, upon Poppa's shoulders!
She loves to cook when she is over at Nana's house!

She likes to sing to her baby before putting her to bed. Yes, you are right, I am teaching her Christmas songs to sing to them! :) Can never start too early!
 Then of course she prays with her dollie before putting her to bed. Sweet! I am so grateful that her Mom and Dad are teaching her at such a young age, the importance of prayer! She will be able to use that her whole life. Some people have never been taught to pray, and don't know how to. I realize that my grandchildren have been so blessed to have families to teach them how to pray!

Happy Birthday dear sweet Audrey Jane, you have brought so much fun and happiness in our lives. Life is always a SURPISE when you are around, we never know what you will do next! But that seems to fit just perfect in your family with you and your sisters! Watch out world!

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