Thursday, April 2, 2015

Sewing, sewing and more sewing?

Today I sewed and sewed and sewed!  Amy, Jenny and Audrey came by to help. I first started out making an Easter Basket/ Drawstring Bag for Audrey. I had made one for her sisters a few years ago and so she had to have one too! I didn't have the cording for it, so I will have to show it to you later. Then I finished the Story Time quilt that I am teaching tomorrow for my April Demo Class. It turned out pretty good, and I was grateful to have it finished in time!
Good night dear friends!

Love: What Are Quilters Blogging About Today?  Yep, this is how our days go. How about yours?

Remember, people will see your quilts long after you are gone....NOT your housework!
I am soooo glad this quote is true! My house is s mess, especially my sewing studio! 

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