Wednesday, April 8, 2015

A child's heart!

As a Mother, I remember when my kids were sick and how I worried about them. Now I am a Grandmother  ( Nana )  and I realize that I still worry just as much. Angie came to stay with me for a 3 day Sleep Over and she has been so sick. She really didn't do much at all while she was here. I stayed right by her, checked her temperature,  tried to do all that I could to make her feel better or at least comfortable. She didn't want to eat much at all, so I just tried to keep liquids in her and I did get a few Protein drinks in her. Her fever would just go up and down often. We were able to do something fun for about 20 mins, then you would see her lay down her head a lot and just go to bed. Poor thing, finally this morning she woke up with a high fever so I got ahold of Amy and we got a Doctor appointment for her, then I took her to home in time to go to it.
She was so cute, she said "Nana,  are you going to be ok by yourself while Poppa is gone, since I can't be there?"  I smiled and tried to explain to her that I would miss her but I would be fine. I just wanted her to get better.
She never complained at all, what a sweetheart and still it was a fun 3 days, because I got to still be  with her.

Then I got an text from Brad and Krystal saying that my little Grandson Kai had an accident today, and they have been sitting at the ER trying to get stitches in his head. Poor little guy, how I wish could fly to Texas right away and be there to take care of him and just hold
him. Oh how I love these grandchildren of mine! And I hurt when they hurt...just like when I was a Mom.

This photo that I found on Pinterest, reminded me how sweet these little children's hearts are. They love their stuffed animals and dolls and they are so sweet. I loved being a Mom and I really love being a Nana.

I am tired, I am beat but... I am blessed!
Good Night dear friend!

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