Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Spring break

Yesterday Angie came home with us after dinner for her 3 day Sleep Over. That was the good news but the bad news was that she started feeling bad before she went to bed. By this morning she felt a lot worse and had a fever and a nasty cold starting. So we decided that today was going to be a lay low kind of day for our 1st day of our Sleep Over.

Everytime her fever came back I could tell...her eyes got glassy looking and she started layering up with blankets and even my hooded sweatshirts. Then when her fever broke...she start shedding everything. Felt so sorry for her but I asked her if she wanted to go home but she didn't. So we just laid low...
We watched a couple of movies, then her fever broke and she wanted to go outside. She found a bird's nest

 and then when she looked closer and we found that there were 3 little eggs ...she was sooooo excited!

 Oh how I love being around these grandchildren of mine... they truly enjoy just the smallest of things of life. How blessed I feel with Angie, Jenny, Kai and Audrey in my life. Can hardly wait to see what wonderful things Miss Oakely will teach us when she gets here.
Jeff flew out for a business trip this morning, and I was so grateful that Angie was here with me. I am really not much of a loner, so I was grateful for her company.
Then we worked making some doll clothes. Angie and Jenny both are saving up for an American Doll for their birthdays. They are trying to earn half of it before her birthdays. So we decided to look at the patterns that I had and then we worked for a little bit on teaching her how to read patterns and how to cut them out.

 She only lasted for a little bit, then her fever and headache came back.
Her cough is worse tonight so we read our scriptures, said our prayers early and got her to bed. She really wasn't feeling good at all. Sure hope tomorrow she is feeling better.
Tonight I worked on my afghan some, almost ready to crochet the border on it. This one seems to be taking me forever, but Jeff tells me that is has been faster than I realize.
Then I watched a movie on Netflix, it was called Unconditional...it was great. Clean, uplifting, inspiring and based on a true story.

You truly should watch this movie, you will be glad you did, I promise!

I truly believe everything happens for a reason. Sometimes seeing it at the time is tricky. But there's always one in the end... Eventually!

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