Thursday, April 30, 2015

His promise!

This week, I found out that two of my dear friends were just diagnosed with Cancer. I so remember both times, that I was diagnosed with Cancer. It is like your whole world is turned upside down and everything is put on hold. Actually the best word is...your whole world gets  Prioritized. All the things that you worry and become preoccupied all day long with, now changes because you, your life and your family become front and center. Your priorities become crystal clear.
I remember looking out the window and watching everyone going on with their day as if nothing was different and I thought, the world just keeps going on and no one knows that my family and I are going through something terrible.
I felt the same way when my Aunt Ina died, we lived with her in her home for the first 10 years of my life. She was my best friend, protector and my world. The day of her funeral, I remember the Milk man coming early in the morning ( as he did each week ) to drop off our milk ...and I thought it was so rude of him not to realize that my sweet Aunt had passed away. He didn't know her, but  I thought he should have, I thought everyone should have known my Aunt Ina, I loved her so much. And as we left her funeral, I remember looking out the window of our car and I couldn't believe that everyone's world was still going on, as if nothing ever happened. Something did happen and to a 10 year old girl, it was the biggest thing in my life, and for some reason I thought everyone should at least stop for a moment and recognize that my Aunt had passed away.

So I try hard to remember when I am around these people that I am respectful that their whole world has changed in an instant. The things that normally filled their days will be exchanged for appointments and treatments. A huge change in their lives is going on and so even though I can't do much, I can pray for them. I can try and send them cards and letters of hope and encouragement.
Both of these individuals are already amazing people with great family support. They will do fine, they will share something with the world as their courage shines through on their darkest days. How grateful I am to know that there is a God in the heavens, who loves us and knows us by name. He will keep His promise to be with us. For that we can be sure!
Good Night dear friends!

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