Monday, April 20, 2015

When will my view change?

This is the view that I have been looking at for the past 5 days. Me wrapped up in my Chicken Soup Quilt and drinking hot herbal tea ( out of my new mug a dear friend got me ), to trying and get my BONE COLD feeling... to warm up.  I must have caught the bug that my granddaughter had a few weeks ago. Not every flu effects everyone in the same way, and like Jeff said yesterday " I have never seen anyone get as sick as you do". ( Says the man who never gets sick ).

When I first came up with the Chicken Soup Quilt, it was when Amy ( our oldest child ) left for college. And she called me when she got sick at school. I was beside myself, how do you take care of one of your kids when they are so far away? This was a first for me as a Mother with a kid in college. I had seen this cute chicken fabric at one of our local store a few months earlier.
One night when I went to bed worrying about Amy, I dreamed about making a Chicken Soup Quilt, one that I could give my kids when they were sick and no matter how far away we were, they would always have their quilt to wrap up in and feel better. Now I wasn't really into quilting much at all back then, so making this quilt was a huge undertaking and ( I even had lots of help from my friends.)

Lauren took a photo of it with her FAMOUS BEAR and we have made it into cards, that we still send people. Then my sister in law Shirley and I got the big idea that we should make some for her kids too, so we started working on 10 quilt tops, 5 for her and 5 for me ( we only have 4 kids each but we wanted to have one for our house too. ) So do our kids love their Chicken Soup Quilts? Well, let's just say that we got the tops done and are still  (years later ) waiting to finish them up for my kids. I have been laying under my original Chicken Soup Quilt! That sounds terrible that we didn't get those finished huh? Well, it takes a bit of money to get the backs and the batting for all of those, plus then other projects took priority. If you are a quilter...then I don't need to explain any more. :)
Nothing comes easy. You've gotta work and work hard for it.

I have been sick for 5 days now, and it must have been a virus because, my body aches are the worst. I have suffered with Fibromyalgia off and on for years but usually it is not something I have to suffer with on a  daily basis.
 At first, I thought that was what it was, but then the fever and the sore throat and etc... came with it.
I am always amazed at how PAIN effects so many things. makes TIME seem to slow down changes your perspective, seems as if I might feel like this forever! makes it hard to have a Happy
Thought, hurting this bad, is truly discouraging makes me lonely,  I am not going anywhere, I don't feel like doing anything, seeing or even talking to anyone much. I just hurt. I haven't left the house since Weds. makes me sad that I don't take better care of my body or that I push my body so hard ( think that is where the wisdom is suppose to kick in on the future ).
... it makes me not even feel like creating of any type and for me ...that is a big problem, I create all day long and live for that!
What does it do good? Makes me more grateful for good days, for health, perspective, the ability to create and have much much much more compassion for those who suffer way more than I ever have and for such a long time.  More of life's lessons to learn, they sure are hard at times though.

Whether we like it or not... a there's a purification that comes from pain. Pain is the mother of all growth. - james arthur ray

I was grateful that I was finally able to finish my afghan before I got sick, or Amy's girls got sick. We have already put it to good use! ( now that was sort of a Positive thought, right ?)
"The most important thing in illness is never to lose heart."  ~Nikolai Lenin

Good night dear friends!

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