Thursday, April 23, 2015

So glad you were BORN!

Today is our youngest son Lee Austin's 22nd Birthday! Where has the time gone? I can't believe that he is that old already!
I thought I could tell you alittle about him with all these fun photos of him in our lives. Obviously you can see why we are so glad he is a part of our family!
He wasn't our biggest baby, but by far got to be our biggest baby AFTER he was born.  Like this shirt on the right that I made for him and Lauren to match. It was so tight getting it on ( just look at his little wrist ) that we had to cut it off of him after the Christmas photos! :)
But you can see him here at Lauren's wedding last year, that he has slimmed down a bit and looks great in his clothes! :)
Lauren was so excited to get a baby but yet wasn't sure when she came to the hospital to see him. Think she finally figured out that he might be taking a little bit of the attention from everyone. She wasn't sure about that. She couldn't wait for him to grow up and learn to pretend. She had always wanted a puppy, so as soon as he could crawl, she taught him how to bark and put a rope, string, fabric, phone cord or ANYTHING she could find around his neck. Yes, he is lucky to be here and lucky that we rescued him from his Big Sister Lauren on a daily basis!
He she is, still has something around his neck! At least he is big enough to take it now!

He is always one for an adventure and has always been easy going!

He is crazy about his cousins, wish we had more photos of them with him. Here he is with Bethany and Baby Jesus, yes he was our Joseph that year, it fit him perfectly because he has such a Good Heart!
Now look at them all gron up ( on the top right ). 
Lee has always been his Aunt Shirley's favorite and everyone knows that! 

He also has been a Favorite Uncle Lee to all the kids!
We lovingly call him the Child Whisperer! :) It's true, he is a Natural at that! 
Now you can see why!
We call Lee ...Austin, as much as we call him Lee. Austin is his middle name and he was named after his Great Grandmother Bertha Mable Austin! She was still alive when he was born and she was so excited that we gave him her maiden name! 
One of his favorite places is also our family's favorite places ...Port Townsend, since he was born, we have gone there for Family Reunions, yes it's part HOME to all of us!

Right now his home is in Idado where he is going to college, yes I am afraid he is becoming a bit of a cowboy at heart! I am sure the love of Country Music will be next! :)

Lee's first word was BALL, and I swear he hasn't let go of one since he was born. He has always been a Natural Athelete too!

Well Lee, we love you and are so glad that you were BOURNE ( private joke with this photo), to our family! We wouldn't be complete without YOU!!!!
Happy Happy Birthday to you!

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