Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Saying goodbye...again!

Today was the last day that our son Lee and his friend had here. They drive out in the morning. We had dinner with Amy, John and kids ( who were all sick ) and we asked our neighbor over too! It was such a beautiful day that we decided we needed to have a  BBQ and celebrated Lee's Birthday ( it is a week early ) but this is the last time we will see him till probably this summer.
We missed Brad, Krystal, Kai, Lauren and Nik! Then it truly would have been a perfect day!
Just reminded me how I much appreciate my family and I am grateful, so grateful to have them in my life!
But saying goodbye has never been my strong suit! I love my family, I am so blessed!
Good Night dear friends!

Typography -- Most Important. [Also has chalkboard version.]

Uncle Lee is like the child whisperer... with all his neices and nephews! They will miss him!

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