Thursday, May 29, 2014


From the time I was a very little girl, actually as long as I can remembe... there was prayer in our home. How grateful I am, that my family found it important enough to teach me about my Heavenly Father. I was taught that He was always there and all I had to do was say my prayers. As my life got a bit harder as a child, I at least knew that I could always talk to my Heavenly Father about my problems, fears and worries...and some how even through my tough circumstances...I knew that my Heavenly Father knew me, watched over me; and some how I would live through it all. As I read this quote from C. S. Lewis, I knew exactly how he felt.

.C.S Lewis

So no matter what happens in my life, I realize that I never have to handle anything alone. That is a huge blessing in my life! How grateful that Jeff and I were able to teach our children about their Heavenly Father and the importance of prayer. That way no matter where they are or what they too have to face, they will never have to face it alone if they believe. As a Mom this brings me great comfort. 
Good night dear friends!
.Dios está ansiosamente esperando la oportunidad de responder a las oraciones y hacer realidad los sueños, como siempre. Pero no puede hacerlo si tú no rezas, y tampoco si no sueñas. Es decir, no puede si tú no crees.   ~Jeffrey R. Holland.  Amen

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