Sunday, June 1, 2014

Happy, Happy Happy!

Yesterday was our oldest daughter Amy's 31st Birthday! How could that be?
Wasn't it just a few years ago when she was a happy young girl and a great big sister to her sister and brothers?

Where does the time go? I remember my Mom saying that time seemed to fly as she got older, never really understood it or when she noticed that we were growing up and moving teary eyed it made her. I wish she was alive today, because then I could call and tell her NOW I FINALLY UNDERSTAND MOM! ( So true, Mother's do seem to know best don't they? )
Anyway, I am a day late because I was spending part of Amy's B-day at Grandparents Day with Angie at school.
Photo: Makin' a wish! She said this was the best day ever! ;) #angieturns8 #lovethisgirl
 She is in 2nd grade and it was a lot of fun. Fun that she was so excited that I was there and wanted to introduce me to everyone, even her friends! Plus, she held my hand as often as she could...oh I know it won't last forever but... I am going to soak it up while I can.
Then after we got back, then John and Amy went out with some friends for dinner while I babysat the all the girls!
How grateful I am to have Amy in our family. She came out happy, and has been that way ever since. She is one of the Happiest people I know. And if you spend even a moment with will feel pretty happy yourself. Happy Birthday Dear Amy, we sure love you! "I walk down Memory Lane, because I love running into you!"

Photo: If she could have, she would have taken her new little friend, "Ellie" home with her! :) Although Audrey had VERY different ideas about the Triceratops!

Good Night dear friends!

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