Monday, May 12, 2014

Happy Mother's Day / Happy Birthday!

I remember when the kids were all little, that Mother's Day seemed to be the day that I just prayed everyone would just get up, try to listen and obey... and not fight. Really that is all I really wanted! But then I realized each Mother's Day I got a lot more than that. I got a reminder of how important being a Mom is. I learned that Happiness comes in moments...not necessarily in a whole day at one time! :) I learned that each one of these kids had a piece of my heart that would be forever theirs. I realized that I could not do this job alone, how grateful I was and am for Jeff being by my side, every step of the way. How much I admire those incredible Mothers that do have to raise their kids alone...what strength!

So today on it was different going to Church on Mother's Day alone (without any kids or grandkids), it made me homesick for all of them. I was grateful that we were able to go to Amy and John's and spend the evening with them, and skype the kids or talk to them on text and emails. I love being a Mom and even though I am now a Nana, I feel like my heart just keeps getting bigger. We saw this sign on our way to Amy's ... I thought what a fun sign, and remember to BRING YO MOMMA TO CHURCH...seemed like something I would have seen back in West Virginia. I do hope when I am old that my kids were take me to church with them!

 How I wish getting everyone together was more than a yearly event!
 And last but not least...Happy Birthday Sweet Angie! I remember how nervous I was 8 years ago as I flew to Idaho to be with your Mom when she delivered you. I had never been a Nana before, and I wondered what it would feel like and if I could do a good job. But it was a piece of cake the moment they placed you in my arms. I couldn't believe that my baby, now was all grown up and had her own baby. I just couldn't hardly let anyone else hold you. I loved you from the moment your Mom told us she was pregnant. 
Photo: Day 131: Grateful for this beautiful  little lady! She's 8 today and I'm so proud she's my girl! I can't think of a better way to celebrate Mother's Day than to celebrate her birthday! Love this bubbly, creative, happy, caring and thoughtful girl! #day131 #365grateful #angieturns8 #lovethisgirl #proudmama #shesthebest
What fun it has been to watch you grow up, you are a lot like your Momma. You love anything to do with art, you are very organized ( sorry to say you didn't get that from me ). You were my buddy when I was going through cancer for the second time. You would always want to go to the hospital with me when I had my radiation treatments, you liked that they had strawberry shakes there in the fridge (ENSURE drinks). After my mastectomy, I was having a hard time with my body image, I remember well the day you came into my room after I had come out of the shower, I didn't know you coming in. I remember your face when you saw my scar from my mastectomy, you were only 3 1/2 years old, you said " Oh Nana, you only have one body...what are you going to do with only one body?" You had such sympathy in your voice, tears came to my eyes and I said "I really don't know!" Then I tried to get your attention on something else so that I could get my prosthetic on and get dressed. As soon as you turned around the next time you had a big smile on your face and said " Nana, now you have two bodies, can we go play with playdough?" It was that moment... that I realized I could sit around and cry all day because I only had one body, or I could get up each day, put on my prosthetic and go play with you. I realized that life was going to pass me by, and it was up to me how I wanted my life to really go. And I didn't want to miss a moment with being with you! Thank you for your amazing wisdom at such a young age. Thanks for the good girl you are, for the happy countenance you always have, and for loving me ...just the way I am! Happy Birthday dear Angie! We love you! Nana and Poppa

What a big day, I am more than beat. Better head to bed, but once again want to say Happy Mother's Day to all of the women out there who help teach and Mother all the kids in the world. They say " it takes a Village to raise a child" ...that is so true! Thanks to all of you who have played a part in my children's lives. I am eternally grateful!
Good night dear friends!

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