Friday, May 16, 2014

Butterfly Kisses

Now you may know the Kenny Rodger's song Butterfly Kisses ( not sure if he wrote it ) about the love of a Dad with his little girl. Well, if you do and love it, then this short video is for you...

Find it here:
 WARNING...get the tissues out and ready!

I loved this reminder of how special a relationship can be with a Dad and his girls, and it won't be too long before Jeff will be dancing with Lauren at her wedding! I never had that type of relationship with my Dad but oh how I wished I would have. Doesn't every little girl and grown up girl, want to be cherished by her Dad?
But as I have said before, how grateful I am that Jeff has become that type of Dad to each of our kids. They are blessed!
It's Date Night and I have this terribly handsome man waiting to take me out...gotta go!
Good night dear friends!
Dad.. i will always need you this is true in every way possible.  My favorite line "I will just call my dad!" When I do I know he is there to help, listen or whatever I may need. Although things have changed with the addition of be people in our lives, the fact that I am his "girl" will never change!

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