Monday, May 5, 2014


I saw my daughter posted this quote (below ) the other day. It is true, by negatives in our lives, we learn and grow. Whether they be from negative people that come and go in our lives, by negative experiences that happen to us, or by just hard times; those seem to be the times that we really learn what life is all about.

I had to miss church today once again, going into my 5 month now of struggling with my health. I have prayed and wondered what I am suppose to learn from this experience. I do know that I need to take better care of my body. We only get one body in this life time, it is our responsibility to take care of it. I know that I need to also pay more attention to what is negative in my life, what gives that type of bad energy to me, and then learn how to stay away from it or completely get that out of my life. Negativity, I think can be contagious if we are not careful.

The first time I was battling Cancer, I took a class on learning how to help heal myself. .One of those steps was learning how to stay away from toxic people. I also learned how to get out of toxic situations (sometimes we put ourselves in those situations, simply by not making the right choices). Life truly is being pro-active on working to keep the negatives out of your life and accentuating the positive.
I mentioned on my blog before when I am really stuck at a place in my life and  I need extra help to get un-stuck, I go visit my friend and counselor. Someone mentioned to me once that they were shocked that I had Bigger Than Me Days and that were also shocked that I still went to counseling. I had to smile and not say a word. I personally know that it is very helpful on those times that I get stuck, to talk to someone who is a 3rd party and has a different perspective than I do. How grateful I am for those words of wisdom, to help me see things maybe in a a different light or at least help me figure out what options I have.
Yes, there are many negatives in all of our lives. How grateful I am for the knowledge of why we are here on learn and to grow. Grateful for parents, family, friends, counselors and teachers along the way that help us through some of these Negative Learning Experiences. Life is truly all about lessons!
Good night dear friends!

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