Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Firmly set anchor

I was reading an article the other day about the importance of Anchors in our lives. It made me stop and think of what Anchors I have in my life, and remember how grateful I am for them.

Gorgeous photo by Jonathan Kingston.
Here is just a few highlights of the article, you can read the whole article HERE:

Not long ago I had the opportunity to sail on a great ship along the marvelous coast of Alaska, USA. While the captain prepared for the ship’s overnight stay in a remote pristine bay, he carefully evaluated the location and circumstances, such as the sequence of the tides, depth of the waters, and distance from dangerous obstacles. When satisfied, he dropped anchor so that the ship would remain safe and firmly anchored, allowing the passengers an opportunity to marvel at the spectacular beauty of God’s creations.
As I was looking at the coastline, I began to realize that the ship was drifting almost imperceptibly with the slightest amount of wind and underlying current. Nevertheless, the ship stayed firmly and persistently within a fixed circle defined by the length of the anchor line and the strength of the anchor.
The captain had not kept the anchor stored on the ship, ready to be lowered only if a storm should approach. No, he had anchored the vessel as a preventive measure and protected the ship from moving into unsafe waters or slowly drifting aground while passengers and crew felt safe.

Why We Need Anchors

The purpose of an anchor is to keep a ship safe and secure at a desired location or to help control the ship during bad weather. However, to accomplish these vital purposes, just having an anchor is not enough. The anchor must be solid, dependable, and used properly at the right time and place.
Individuals and families need anchors as well.
Adversity can come as a great storm to blow us off course and threaten to cast us against the rocks. But sometimes we are also in danger when everything appears to be safe—the winds soft and the waters smooth. In fact, we can be in the greatest danger when we are drifting and movement is so slight that we scarcely notice it.

The Gospel Is Our Anchor

Anchors must be solid, strong, and well maintained to be ready when needed. In addition, they must be attached to a foundation capable of bearing the weight of opposing forces.

The Value of Firmly Set Anchors

Life has a way of testing our anchors and tempting us to drift. Nevertheless, if our anchors are correctly placed in the rock of our Redeemer, they will hold—no matter the force of the wind, the strength of the tide, or the height of the waves.

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What are my anchors? First my testimony of Jesus Christ. Second is for the Gospel that He taught while He lived upon the earth and last but not least... my family. Each of these keep me anchored and help me in so many ways in my life. I have had some bad storms in my life time and I know without my testimony and the faith and help of family and friends, my life would have turned out totally different. I am very grateful for those Anchors! 

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