Sunday, December 15, 2013

Christmas Open House Tradition

Annual Neighborhood Christmas Open House
16 years ago, we thought for Christmas that it would be nice to open up our home to our friends and neighbors for a Christmas Open House. Just a chance for us to get to know each other better and to share some Holiday Joy. Since most of our family leaves far away, this became really important for us to thank those neighbors, teachers and friends who had become like family to us.
I was grateful for friends and the kids plus Jeff for helping out so much, it would be hard to do on my own. I think we had about 70 some people come through this year, it was a blessing to have the time to reconnect with all our friends ( if only for the evening ).                                         

Some of you could not come and so I thought I would show you the photos of our home that Lauren took before it started. I just love decorating our home for Christmas. Love the spirit that all the lights, decorations, nativities and service give at Christmas time. It truly is the Most Wonderful Time of the Year. Of course ... not every year has been like this for our family, there have been some really hard Christmases,  so I am grateful for the years that are good!

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 I pray that we will remember to be GRATEFUL this Christmas season, and go about Doing Good like the Savior did!
Good night dear friends!

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