Saturday, December 28, 2013

Small Miracles, Big Blessings!

There are times in your life when something happens that we can't explain, but often we don't pay much attention to it, or don't count it as a blessing or a Miracle when actually is! I think there really are a lot of miracles in the world that happen on a daily basis, but we are so busy that we don't even notice or recognize it.
The other night was one of those moments. It was late and we were downstairs watching a movie. Lauren had just come down stairs and said she was putting on some water for some herbal tea and wondered if we wanted any. After she went upstairs a few minutes later, I heard her yell " oh no, oh no! " I asked what it was and then instinctively knew I needed to go upstairs right away. The whole kitchen was filled with smoke and she had a very scared look on her face as she was running water in the sink. I asked what happened and she replied " Mom, I turned on the wrong burner and there was a towel on the hot burner and it caught on fire, luckily I came up when I did and got the towel in the sink before it caught anything else on fire."
 I quickly reminded her to always yell  FIRE if that happens again, and then we spent the rest of the night opening up every window and door to get the smell out. The only problem was that it was freezing outside but we couldn't take the smoke smell.
Then not long after all of this ...we realized our smoke detectors didn't go off. When we checked all of them 2 were broke, one didn't have a battery in it, and the one in the garage wasn't even attacked. I couldn't believe that we hadn't check it recently. Not long ago at least a couple of them were working! Then after reading the packages on the new smoke detectors, we found out that they only have a life of 10 years and then you need to replace them....really? We have lived in this house for 11 years! It was a small thing but one that could have had devastating effects!
It dawned on me the next night when installed all the new smoke detectors, I realized how blessed we were that there was only a small fire to remind us to take care of something that could have been critical in 100 different situations. I am grateful for that small miracle, that reminded us to check the little things in life!
Good night dear friends!
Thank you for mine I needed it. Dale you have brought a lot of happiness into my life lr

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