Monday, December 9, 2013

Christmas Jar 2013

Today was a fun day because our son Lee got to fly to Texas and visit with Brad, Krystal and Kai. How grateful I am that my kids love their brother and sisters soooo much! That's what I always dreamed of for my family when I grew up. No matter what, they are always there for each other and that is exactly the way it should be.
Also John, Amy and girls came to church with us today and so that is always a neat experience to have some family there. Tonight we went to Bellevue to a Festival of the Nativity, it was amazing.... it told all about it here, some friends went with us, and I just kept saying I had no idea how much there was there for everyone of every age. It was neat to see Nativities that were from countries all over the world, to hear the Christmas choirs, and to once again be reminded of the life of the Savior and the true purpose for the season.
Speaking of trying to be more Christlike this holiday season, reminds me to share with you what the girls and I did yesterday when they were on their Sleep Over.
A few years ago I read the book CHRISTMAS JARS by Jason F. Wright, what a wonderful Christmas story and now it has become our family tradition each year. We get a mason jar and collect our change all year long. Then at Christmas time, we count out the money and decide who we think could use our Christmas Jar of money or what gifts we could buy with it. Angie and I have been doing this tradition for a couple of years and she remembers a couple of them, I think this is the first year that Jenny really understood enough and was excited for it.
So we got the jar down.

Then Poppa ( Jeff  ) helped the girls divide up the money and make money charts and helped each one count their pile of money. It was cute to see how excited they got!

 Then came the fun part of buying and wrapping the gifts. They asked that they not be completely wrapped, so they would know which kids they would need to give them too. So we added cute ribbons and tags with the size and age of the child it would fit. The girls decided that they would get things that they themselves would love. So since there are 3 girls in their family, they got gifts for 3 little girls their ages. We found warm blankets, matching Christmas pajamas, a toy and of course their favorite...a stuffed animal. I was so proud of them not asking to keep anything for themselves, but being excited for kids that wouldn't have much... if anything for Christmas.
After everything was wrapped and ready to go, we took them to a local store that was doing a Toy Drive and they got to put all the packages under a tree that they had there. The girls kept talking about all the other presents were under the tree, and how good those kids were going to feel on Christmas morning.
I know it is a little thing, but I hope to continue this tradition and soon add Kai and Audrey in on the fun. I love the sweet hearts that little kids have, and I pray that they will remember this tradition their whole life, and especially how it made them feel! Doing what Christ would do if He were here, that is truly what the Christmas spirit is all about!
Good night dear friends!

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