Sunday, December 29, 2013

Be the good

I once heard someone say to another person " why are you always so happy? " There are terrible things going on in the world and many things to scare you to death out there and you are still happy I just don't get it?" I remember her response so well... " I think it is a lot easier to be happy than sad or mad all the time. It makes me feel better to be positive than negative, that takes a lot of energy. Guess I just like looking for the good!"
I remember that for many years, it made me realize that I too think that is true. I would much rather be around half full people who are upbeat and positive, than those who never see the good in anything and are always negative about everything! Those people are very draining to say the least.
So when I read this made me remember that girl's comment.
Some days I don't do as well as others, but most of the time, I do feel a lot of gratitude for the feeling of contentment. Thanks to many of you who bring such good energy and happiness in my life!
Good night dear friends!
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