Thursday, August 29, 2013

Monopoly... not my favorite game!

First of all let me explain...when I was little I had 3 older brothers, and the one brother that I was closest in age to, is the one that I spent the most time with (obviously). However, we were as different as Night and Day. He loved to play board games...I on the other hand loved to be playing with blocks or creating something with my crayons and paper. Board games always made me feel BORED! But since we were always together, we ended up playing a lot of board games non-the-less.

 Monopoly was my brother's favorite game, he was amazing at it. I on the other hand was always in debt ( to him ) or in why would I want to keep playing that game over and over again?
In my defense...I was an energetic child and doing anything that required me to be still and sit for awhile, seemed like torture...unless I was creating something with my hands.
 So when I read this quote the other day, it made me laugh. I remember my Mom telling me "Lynn, the rules are... if you start a game you need to finish the game", so I tried not to start too many of them with my brother who obviously was the KING of Board Games! :) 
Yes, this was another childhood memory that needs to be recorded... in my defense :)
Good night dear friends!

"Nobody ever reads the
rules for Monopoly...
except when an argument
breaks out."

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