Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A child that survived!

When I first saw this photo and read the quote, I thought...that is me! I was drawing my Mom said from the time I could sit up and use my little fingers. Now I know a lot of kids who are NOT abused, like to draw and color. But for me, my art was a way to escape without ever leaving my home. When I drew or painted, I was happy. When I created, it made me feel safe and of some worth.
 So even though this little girl may not be a victim of abuse, then again she might be. The fact is there is way too much abuse in the world today and it is our job as friends, family, teachers, and adults to PROTECT them as much as we can. Most will survive, but they usually will have to go somewhere ( even if it is in their minds ) to survive.
I am a survivor of incest, I am an artist ...and how grateful I am for the opportunity to escape my world... as soon as my paint brush touched the canvas.
Good night dear friends!

The creative adult is the child who survived. Ursula K. LeGuin #creativity #quote

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