Friday, August 23, 2013

Disconnect to Connect!

I guess this should be my next post ( this youtube below)...since we have been in Austin we didn't have internet, or even any time to connect even when we did. We flew in to help Brad, Krystal and Kai move in here from Boston. Brad is going off on his own and we are so excited for them.
Our first day here we didn't even have a fridge or a washer and dryer. So we spent most of that day trying to look at all the stores to find what we wanted. The next day Jeff and Brad left early to find the appliances and Krystal, Kai and I unloaded boxes and unpacked the kitchen completely. Then when they got home, we spent the rest of the day getting the appliances in and getting groceries...still the gas won't be on till Monday sooooooooooooo we are taking cold showers each day! We did get a small grill so that we can have some type of hot food.
 Still all in all it has been fun getting to be with Kai and having him get to know us better. Man do I miss this boy! I hope we will continue to get to have moments and time with him, so he knows that how much Nana and Poppa love him.
Tonight we went to downtown Austin, saw the capital and the university. At 9:00 at night it was 98 degrees, I kept thinking when the sun went down that it might get a bit cooler....wrong! But it was 102 degrees today so 4 degrees lower I guess was better?
Saw this youtube video on disconnecting and thought it was pretty important to watch, hope you enjoy it! Good night dear friends!

Photo: Keeva scouting out her new yard! #austin #texas #justmovedHere is their back yard...Keeva is a brave dog to stay out in that heat. Still she is excited to have a place to run around!

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