Thursday, August 8, 2013

Another great Sleep Over and the Stars!

I read this quote and remembered something that happened the other night.
be glad
Our two oldest granddaughters had sleep over, it was late but they were so excited to do a sleep over... that they were pretty hyper and just couldn't seem to get their giggles out. Desperate Lauren, Lee and I just went and laid outside on the deck and turned off all the lights. Then we all just looked up at the was incredible. I love this place that we live. How fun it was to show the girls where the Big Dipper was, what a planet looked like and even to guess every now and then if they saw a shooting star.
At one point we saw something go across the sky and it had flashing red and white lights.  Angie said..".on Christmas eve, I saw two lights" Then Lauren asked "what do you think they were?" Then Angie with her totally serious look and voice said, "Lauren it was Christmas eve, it had to be Jesus and Santa Claus!" Then Jenny leaned over and said " I think that is just a plane!"
Oh how I love my little grandchildren. I love how they see the world, how they love life, how they enjoy every little thing...yes, every day I thank my Heavenly Father for another day with my family. I can hardly wait till Kai and Audrey get old enough to come and do Sleep Overs at Nana and Poppa's house, and listen to all the wonderful things they will tell us too!
As I went outside tonight and saw the same star filled sky... I smiled and felt BLESSED!
Good night dear friend!


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