Saturday, August 24, 2013

Getting ready to say good bye!

Well, this is our last night in Austin. How grateful we feel that we were able to come here and help them out. We got most of the things unpacked and it actually looks like a beautiful home already. I am glad that it does, because it would have been even harder to leave them living out of so many boxes. The hardest part is still being so far away from them, but hopefully we will be able to get together for we are excited for that.

I have been thinking about getting this as a tattoo in memory of my late grandfather, he'd always read Pooh Bear stories to my brothers and I as kids :-)

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Candice said...

Austin is such a fun city! We drove down their a few weeks ago. There were so many fun, free family things to do. I hope you're able to come visit again and see more of the city.