Thursday, August 29, 2013

How to show up for your LIFE!

Read this article here: and thought what a neat thing all of us should remember. I think when we are children...we are there and present in our life. Somewhere between childhood and now...we might have lost part or all of ourselves. What a neat reminder!
Good night dear friends!

How To Show Up For Your Life
I learned this really cool term last week.  “Self abandonment”.  This is when you plan on going to the gym but end up eating ice cream bars and watching hours of stuff you can’t even remember you watched on Hulu.  This is when you don’t want to send that email or that text to that certain someone but you are feeling lonely and act from that place.  It’s when you choose activities that numb you out, take you out of your integrity, or deter you from your true path. 
The worst betrayal is when we betray ourselves.  When we betray ourselves, we are treating ourselves as someone who is not worthwhile.  Learning how to show up for yourself will keep you clear, directed, and more able to connect with the people you love. 
Showing up is:  to be clearly visible.  Do you allow people to see who you really are?  Can you be authentic in your own life?  Showing up is:  To put in an appearance, to arrive.  Have you “arrived”?  Did your completely present self make it to brunch?  Your body may be there but is your mind and spirit at the table as well? 
Are you actually living within your life right NOW?  Or are you living in past defeat and future worries?  When you are really showing up, life feels richer, simpler and more golden.  Small shifts equal big change!  Try these tips to reconnect with yourself. 
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Drop Your Story  Your life interpreted through the filter of your story means that every negative thing that happens to you cements your downtrodden version of your life.  Change your story and change what you start attracting. 

Do A Media Cleanse
Get off your electronics!  Are you enjoying your dinner or are you enjoying how cool people think your dinner looks on Instagram?  Are you missing out on what’s happening right in front of you because you are so absorbed in what happened 5 minutes ago in someone else’s life
Seek Peace & Quiet
Mind noise.  Subway noise.  Street noise.  Social media noise.  It all adds up to constant mental chatter.  Find a quiet place.  Go to it regularly.  It is impossible to tune into what we need if we don’t seek out space for our thoughts to percolate. 
Be Aware Of How You Really Feel
Try this powerful exercise for a full day.  Check in with yourself every 15 minutes.  Ask yourself three questions-How do I feel?  What do I need?  What do I want?  Are you tired, hungry, worried?  Do you need a glass of water, to step away from your computer or to connect with a friend?  Taking yourself off autopilot brings you back into your body and mind.  Consciousness around your feelings and desires reconnects you with YOU.
Do You
Always be a first rate version of yourself, not a second rate version of someone else.” ~ Judy Garland. 
You are the gift.  Even with frizzy hair, even when your skin looks bad, even when you feel nuts.  We can’t connect with your layers of insecurity.  We can’t connect with your puffed up chest or your title.  Strip down the layers and reveal yourself.  You are enough.  You are golden.  We want to connect with the real you.  Allow us to by standing in your power. 
(Re)Connect With Your Dreams
Are you living the life you’ve dreamed of?  If not, WHY not?  When did you decide to take this path?  How can you course correct?  You have to know what you want to get it.
Your Needs Are Valid.
This can be a daily affirmation or mantra.  Use it when you start rationalizing someone else’s bad behavior.  Use it when you are afraid to have a difficult conversation.  You are important.  You matter just as much as anyone else.  Feel it in your bones.
Eat Well and Sleep Soundly
Meet your basic needs every day!  Please sleep and nurture your body with quality nutrition every day.  It is very difficult to stay emotionally even keel when we are exhausted or frazzled from a sugar or caffeine buzz.  Be kind to yourself.

Know What You Are Communicating With Your Energy
You are responsible for the energy you bring into the room.” ~ Iyanla Vanzant
Be aware of the energy you are bringing into any situation.  Do you show up with anger, with anxiety, with your mind on other things, with love?  Whether you are with your beloved, your family, or a group of people, your energy contributes to the dynamic.  Look at what you are bringing to the mix and be conscious.

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