Thursday, September 27, 2012


For some reason I seem to notice people's faces alot more these days. It seems like you can tell many things by looking at a person's face or really studying their eyes and even the sound of their voice; if their voice sounds tired or weak, maybe I recognize many of these faces because some of them have been the same as mine. My kids say they can always tell when I am in pain by the look on my face, even if I try to hide it from them... I can't!
 The other day I saw a dear friend of mine, now it had been a while since we had seen each other and I noticed that when I looked in her face that she seemed to not only be tired, but very sad and worn out. After talking to her for a while..I soon realized why. She had been going through some really big trials. My heart ached for her as I listened; and wondered what I would think or feel...under the same circumstance?
Then the other day I stopped to talk and catch up with another friend, she is always so happy and positive. As we spoke she shared with me some struggles she was having as a Mother and quite frankly...I was shocked, I had NO IDEA that she had been going through so much!
My Grandmother used to always say " If everyone's problems were hung out on a line, you'd take yours and I'd take mine" sooooooooo true! Some of the things I have been going through lately have seemed so overwhelming to me as a Mom. She on the other hand never knew what I was going through either.
 So back to FACES, there are times when your faces are easy to read and at other times we put on our Happy Mask and truly masked how we are feeling. I think there is a lot of good to be said about people who TRY to be happy; but I actually think it is a bit dangerous to always try to APPEAR happy. Then no one knows your pain and can't help or comfort you.
The truth is... we are all fighting our own battles.. May we take time out to try and read people's faces a little more, see if they are ok and ask what we can do for them. Because even though we are all fighting our own battles, it doesn't mean we have to fight them ALONE!
Good night dear friend, I am going to take this FACE which has PAIN written all over it, and go to bed!
P.S. I will leave you with these
three sweet faces of my grandkids, see if you can tell what they are thinking? :)

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Jean(ie) said...


My face is a dead giveaway. It "outs" me more times than naught. Sorry I missed the demo this week... been without my car for a few days. I'll have to get my fix next month.