Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Comfort Zones

I had a discussion the other day with someone who said how bad they hate confrontation. I thought to myself "Who does?" It just seems to be part of life and many times we have to go out of our comfort zone to really experience the DEEP and PROFOUND things in life. As hard as it is, I have found that to usually be true.
I thought how the Savior taught us. On many MANY occasions He was confronted by people who usually really just wanted to start trouble. When I struggle with a certain situation in life, I need to remember this more often. I need to follow His example.
I need to remember that "Real comfort, the kind of which peace and hope are made comes from the Savior" is what really makes all the difference in even those difficult situations. I know I just need to remember that when life seems to much to bear!
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Good night dear friends!

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