Friday, September 14, 2012

Being Happy!

I found a book the other day that I forgot that I had, I love the illustrations and the common sense information in there. The book is called BEING HAPPY! A handbook to greater confidence and security
by Andrew Matthews
One chapter was on HEALTH...
"Scientific experiments have demonstrated incredible ways to kill guinea pigs. ( at first I thought I might not like this book by that first sentence, because we had a few guinea pigs as family pets, but I am glad I kept reading ) Emotional upsets generate powerful and lethal toxins. Blood samples taken from persons experiencing intense fear or anger when injected into a guinea pigs have killed them in less than two minutes. Imagine what these toxins can do to your own body.
Every thought that you have affects your body chemistry within a split second. Remember how you feel when you are barreling down the highway and a big truck suddenly brakes twenty meters in front of  you. A shock wave shoots through your whole system. Your mind produces instant reactions in your body.
The toxins that fear, anger, frustration and stress produce not only kill guinea pigs but kill us off in a similar manner. it is impossible to be fearful, anxious, irritated and healthy at the same time. It is not just difficult, it is impossible. Simply put, your body's health is a reflection of unresolved inner conflicts which in time show up in the body.
It is also fascinating how our subconscious mind shapes our health. Do you recall falling sick on the day when you didn't want to go to school? Or have headaches brought on by fear?  The mind body connection is such that if, for example , we want to avoid something, very often our subconscious mind will arrange it. Once we recognize that these things happen to us, we are half way to doing something about them. 
Repressed feelings and emotions affect our health. If we are not doing the job or leading the life we enjoy, our mind is constantly holding the thought,  " I wish I wasn't here." As our body is a slave to the mind, our body will then start getting us out of whatever we want to get out of . The first step is illness. I don't suggest that our health can be totally explained by the preceding paragraphs. 
Good health is your birthright; and by good health I mean energy and vitality. It is your right to wake each morning with the confidence that your body can more than just " struggle through". Too many people have the notion that good health means a mere absence of disease.  If we look at the mind -body connection, it is easy to see how much our body is affected by our mental state. 
Your mind is the architect of your body and your body is a reflection of your thoughts. If  you are consumed by fear and anger and unexpressed emotion, your body will reflect it. The "disease" of the mind becomes the "disease" in the body."

"Think healthy, happy thoughts. Imagine yourself as healthy. Decide that good health is your birthright and that you deserve to be healthy. Above all, be gentle on yourself. Accept, and love yourself where you are right now and acknowledge that even up until now you have been living life the best way you know how." 
 ~ Andrew Matthews

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