Sunday, August 9, 2009

Still waiting!

Today is Sunday and I was grateful that I felt good enough to go to church. Amy however didn't feel too good and so she stayed home and rested. My grandmother used to always say " A WATCHED POT, NEVER BOILS" I found that to be true too. But for some reason we can't stop touching Amy's belly, talking to little Jenny and watching to see if there are any changes each day in Amy! So for now, we are still waiting. I think what we need to do is start a big project and it is usually then...when everyone is busy and NOT WATCHING that Miss Jenny, will probably want to make her entrance into this world!

I loved these two quotes I found...

"Life is always a rich and steady time when you are waiting for something to happen or to hatch."
~E.B. White, Charlotte's Web

Amy Belly

"Life is magic, the way nature works seems to be quite magical."  ~ Jonas Salk

In church today we had a man spoke about perfection and how many times we make the mistake of thinking we have to be perfect now or that we have failed in some way. He reminded us that perfection is a process, it doesn't just happen in a week or month... but in a life time. He talked about how important it is to use everything the Lord has blessed us with in this life  and remember to do the best we can. One comment that really stuck with me was " When we look at our lives and all the things that we struggle with and all the things we need to change about ourselves, it gets quite overwhelming. But if we would just pick one thing that we wanted to try and change each day and work on that, then we will at least be on the right road to being the person we need to be."

So instead of just waiting for our lives to change and our habits to go away. For our bodies to stop growing older and changing, we should just do the best we can with what we have. We don't really need to wait another minute to change ourselves for the better. The Lord only expects us to keep trying and progress as much as we can every day. Understanding that He is in control of our lives, takes a lot of the worry away. Having faith and understanding that perfection is a process, can truly change our outlook on life. So many times in my life I have waited for things to get better, waited for someone else to make a decision and wait for life to get easier...guess what, it never did. What I forgot was, that I am not suppose to be waiting on the side lines of life but being an active participant in it. This was a great lesson for me and a great reminder for me to count my blessings and enjoy each day to the fullest! So even though Jenny didn't come today and we are still waiting, I am glad that I had this great lesson on not waiting another minute to improve my life!

Hope you had a wonderful day and thank you for being such a great support to our family.

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