Sunday, August 23, 2009

Being ready and prepared

Today in church I learned a great lesson about being ready and being prepared to do what the God needs you to do. In the book of Job we read in the 32nd chapter that "there is a spirit in man; and the inspiration of the Almighty giveth them understanding".  In the book of 1 Kings chapter 19 we read where the Lord speaks to Elijah, not in the wind, nor the earthquakes, nor the fire, but in a still small voice.

The speaker today started by asking the audience to close their eyes, then be very quiet and listen very carefully to 4 different sounds. She challenged us to identify them in our minds if we knew what they were. It was a simple demonstration, but a very valuable object lesson.  After she let us hear all the sounds then she asked us to open our eyes and she then showed us what all the objects were. Then she asked us..."why do you think it was so easy to hear what each thing was?"  Her point was, it was easy because the room was quiet and the sounds were magnified. Then she talked about the scripture with Elijah and how he learned first hand that the Lord does not speak with a loud voice but a very still small voice.

The point also was.... that we listen best when we are ready and prepared to hear what is being told to us. We need to remember to find time to be quiet  and truly listen to what God wants to tell us. Many times we are so busy and there are so many things around us to drowned out that still small voice. Like the phone, TVs, computer, music and on and on. Remember the Lord whispers not shouts! So reverence invites revelation!

I have said before that I think one of the most important things you can figure out in our lives, is to know what the Lord wants us to do each day! Truly understand what our individual mission is here on earth. Knowing that, can make all the difference in the quality of our lives. Are we just wandering around, killing time or do we have a real purpose and mission?

It was a great lesson for me to remember to stop and take time each day to be quiet, pray, study, meditate and listen to that still small voice of inspiration and understanding. I have heard it many times in my life and each time I have been blessed, if I follow it. But there have also been many times in my life that I have been too busy, too many things have been going on that I didn't take the time to be quite and listen and there is a definite difference on those days. Learning how to eliminate some of those distractions (even for a little while) gives me the opportunity to know for a fact what I should be doing. Knowing what your mission is and doing it is....a great feeling!

I hope this is as good of a reminder to you, as it was for me today!  Sundays...I love them!


"People only see what they are prepared to see."  ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

"If you are prepared, you will be confident, and will do the job"  ~ Tom Landry

“I find that when I get casual in my relationships with divinity and when it seems that no divine ear is listening and no divine voice is speaking, that I am far, far away. If I immerse myself in the scriptures the distance narrows and the spirituality returns."   ~Spencer W. Kimball

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