Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Emotions can they make you sick?

I found this article on BELIEF NETWORK.COM about emotions and really like the idea that they gave you a quiz. Actually, I really like the idea that is makes you stop and think about the connection of your emotions and health more. Pretty powerful stuff, just not too many people slow down enough to think about it. Since I have been down a lot in the past few years, I am starting to be an expert on the subject ! :) Yeah right. No, but I do think about it daily and honestly try to look at trials, problems and crisis in the healthiest possible way that I can. It does take a lot of effort and discipline. So take the quiz and see how you do. Remember it is only a quiz...don't stress about it! :) The answers are at the bottom, no peeking!


In recent years, scores of medical studies have revealed that our emotions and stress affect our physical health as much as a virus--if not more. Take this quiz to test how much you know about inner immunity.

Do Your Emotions Make You Sick

1. Which of the following is not a recommended stress-reliever?

  • Taking a vacation
  • Remembering to breathe
  • Watching TV
  • All of the above
    2. What's the healthiest reason to work on a project?
  • Because you love it
  • Because your spouse wants you to
  • To impress your boss
  • To finish what you started

  • 3. What happens every time you exhale?
  • You burn a calorie
  • Your brain slows down
  • Your heart slows down
  • Its impossible to sneeze
    4. What's the optimal way to prevent negative thoughts from affecting your health?
  • Notice them and move on
  • Repeat them to yourself and others
  • Allow them to influence your choices
  • Let them trigger an emotional response
    5. Chronic stress does not contribute to the following?
  • Weight gain
  • Heart attacks
  • Inflammation
  • The color of your feet
    6. What's the ideal range of time it should take you to fall asleep once you're in bed?
  • 2-5 minutes
  • 5-10 minutes
  • 10 15 minutes
  • 15 20 minutes
    7. What's a good buffer against catching winter colds?
  • NyQuil
  • Having a pet
  • Chicken soup
  • Having friends
    8. Which foods best fight the effects of stress in the body?
    • Bread
    • Fruits and vegetables
    • Sweets
    • Meat

    9. From the following, which form of movement releases the most endorphins--hormones that make you feel happy?

  • Stretching
  • Slow dancing
  • Kick-boxing
  • Cleaning your house

  • 10. What kind of music is best for your emotional and physical health?
  • Rock
  • Classical
  • Hip hop
  • Your favorite
    11. When you're unhappy at work, what will help maintain your physical and emotional health?
  • Deciding it's all your fault
  • Knowing that you have choices
  • Blaming others for your unhappiness
  • Pushing through - no pain, no gain

    Cripple him, and you have a Sir Walter Scott. Lock him in a prison cell, and you have a John Bunyan. Bury him in the snows of Valley Forge, and you have a George Washington. Raise him in abject poverty and you have an Abraham Lincoln. Strike him down with infantile paralysis, and he becomes Franklin Roosevelt. Burn him so severely that the doctors say he'll never walk again, and you have a Glenn Cunningham -- who set the world's one mile record in 1934. Deafen him and you have a Ludwig van Beethoven. Have him or her born black in a society filled with racial discrimination, and you have a Booker T. Washington, a Marian Anderson, a George Washington Carver. Call him a slow learner, "retarded," and write him off as uneducable, and you have an Albert Einstein. As one man summed it up: Life is about 20% in what happens to us and 80% in the way we respond to the events.  - Ted Engstrom

    "When written in Chinese, the word "crisis" is composed of two characters. One represents danger, and the other represents opportunity." - John F. Kennedy


    1.Correct Answer: Watching TV

    2.Correct Answer: Because you love it

    3.Correct Answer: Your heart slows down

    4.Correct Answer: Notice them and move on

    5.Correct Answer: The color of your feet

    6.Correct Answer: 10 15 minutes

    7.Correct Answer: Having friends

    8.Correct Answer: Fruits and vegetables

    9.Correct Answer: Kick-boxing

    10.Correct Answer: Your favorite

    11.Correct Answer: Knowing that you have choices

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    Carolyn Cox said...

    I was surprised by the kickboxing answer. I guess I know now why I love to do it so much!