Saturday, August 1, 2015

Memories... some times the same, but not always!

There are memories that we are have from our childhood, some are good and some are bad. It's about both of those that I would like to talk about tonight.
My youngest brother and I were 10 years apart. One day not too many years ago, I was telling someone how crazy I was about him when he was little. I felt like I was his 2nd Mother because I loved him so much. Well, he was around when I was telling that and just started laughing. I asked why? His response was classic "well, I don't remember ONLY good times, I remember when you pinned me up against the wall and threatened me over something ". My mouth dropped opened. It seemed for every good memory that I had, he had one that was not so good. How could that be, I thought I was the best Big Sister ever?
 It is true good or bad, even little memories can last a life time! :)
So weird.  I didn't write the following description.  It was just there.  This showed up on my general forum this morning. And I have a picture of you baking with Mimi.  And thinking about all of the years of cookie days at Christmas time.  "From the moment I found you were coming in to our lives, Mimi has been anxiously awaiting making cookies with you!!"
The other night Amy called and shared with bad her day had gone. After thinking about what I could do, I called her back and told her that when she and the girls came over on Friday, IF she would bring some fresh picked Blackberries, then I would make her a pie. Just hearing my offer seemed to cheer her up. I was glad ( not knowing that we would make the pies yesterday during the hottest part of the day)! What a sacrifice! But that's what we Mom's do...right? :)
Either way, I was thrilled to read her FB post about it last night. ( Well except for the part where she said I wouldn't let them come in until their buckets were full! ) I guess this is just another example of different Memories! :)

'My Mom sure knows how to cheer me up! 😄 Baking blackberry pies (my absolute favorite) together after a rough day yesterday. Just the smell brings back childhood memories of blackberry picking! My Mom would always tell us, "You can't come in until your bucket is full!" 😆 Then she would reward us by baking a pie for dessert! Yum!"
Even though it was hot, it was fun having Amy and the girls helping me in the kitchen ( I'm still cleaning up flour and blackberries though ).
Still I am glad that she had a great memories of her childhood while we were cooking, I have to admit...I did too!

When I was a little girl, I can still remember making pies with my Mom, Aunt Ina, and both of my Grandmothers. Actually, Blackberry pie is what I asked for and had every year on my birthday. 

But this happy thought could be gone in a minute if you asked my kids about the sweets and food they ate when they were little! It is too funny to hear them talk about all the natural stuff we did. I will have to ask them to write them down, they are pretty funny. But laugh if you want, because as soon as each of my kids have gotten married and started their own families, they have started to go back to the more Natural Way we used to do things! They want to help their children be healthy by the things that they feed them NEWS FLASH... so did I! 

So memories are not always the same, I guess memories are about as varied as people are.. but still I am glad that I did give my kids at least SOME GOOD MEMORIES!!!
Good Night dear friends!

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