Friday, August 21, 2015

This is my Happy place!

Good thing this is my Happy Place, I have been in this room sewing for the past 2 days straight! I am trying hard to get everything ready for Texas and for my other quilting classes. Then I have to get my machines in the shop while I am gone! I am tired already but...oh soooo excited!
Will try to post tomorrrow night! Here are a few things I have been working on!
A silky blanket for my Baby Oakley! Only 6 more days!
Tissue holder, I could make a 100 of these and still need more! There is always someone out there who is struggling or hurting. It's just something little to say " I care, I am praying for you and hang in there"
Another Casserole Carrier! I love these!

Working on scripture bags for some friends!

New bag! Love it!
The projects aren't over yet!. The way I have been non stop sewing, you would think it was December! :) It could be, I've got my Christmas Music cranked up and the fan on HIGH! :)
Good Night dear friends!

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