Tuesday, August 18, 2015

My treasures!

My grandchildren constantly make me smile with the things they love to do, their big imaginations and never ending energy! Yes, it is a wild and crazy ride with them...and I wouldn't trade it for the world!
Here is Captain Jenny getting ready for her Pirate Birthday Party this weekend! You go girl!

Here is sweet little Oakley who is keeping Mommy and Daddy up all night, but just look at that sweet face, who could be mad at her? Her Nana is coming to help out in must 8 more days!!!

They love water, they love Ice Cream!

They love each other ( most of the time )!
They love sports!
The love Nature! Kai checking out some cool looking animals!

They love to Dance!
They love being in a family! Being a big brother is the BEST!

So no matter what I am doing with these 5 kids, I know there is some type of Adventure waiting to happen...and I can hardly wait! They truly are my Treasures, that I have already found!!!

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