Sunday, August 16, 2015

Jenny turned 6 years old!

Yesterday our granddaughter Jenny turned 6 years old, I still can't believe it! She has been such a fun part of our family, she has had red hair from the start and still has it. She is just too cute, funny, crazy and we still think she is just a Little Lauren but with red hair! That explains what her personality is like :) She has always loved dogs, stuffed animals, dinosaurs, dragons and wants a Pirate Party for her birthday party ( that will be next week with her little friends )! She loves to color, and cut...that girl has been cutting things ever since she was little ( usually things she wasn't suppose to be cutting ).

Last night we went out to eat just as a family to celebrate her Birthday!

We gave her a Pirate book/game and I painted the wooden people to match so she could use them as her game pieces, she really liked it. Can I just say... that it took me forever to paint those? Years ago in my painting days... I could have cranked out a 3 or 4 pair in the 2 hours that it took me to paint these two. My hands are not near as steady as they used to be, but some how I was able to complete Peg leg Pete and Captain Fuzzlebeard before the party!
Made me appreciate the talent that I had years ago, and it made me grateful that those days are over, my back was killing me! I am getting so old! However it was all worth it, when I saw how much she liked it!
Amy has always been the type of kid and Mother, to make everyone ( including friends ) feel really special on their Birthday! That is just something she does, and it is a great blessing to many of us. She starts out celebrating with her kids as soon as they wake up! How fun! You can see that Jenny was in heaven for breakfast because she got to chocolate milk and sugared cereal and got to have her Dragons all hang out at breakfast with her! Funny girl! We sure love you Jenny!
Hey I gave my kids carrot juice, homemade fruit roll ups and Bran muffins...that means I am a good Mom too,..right? Don't ask my kids, they have all kinds of stories that will tell you about me! :)
Night dear friends!

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