Thursday, July 17, 2014

When Life gives you Lemons!

My cute niece and her husband, tagged me on this sweet you tube video about WHEN LIFE GIVES YOU LEMONS...

Watch this uplifting video HERE:
oh my. so cute. lemonade stand.

As we get ready for Lauren's wedding, I think to myself... what is some of the greatest advice I could give to her and Nik? It would be to do just this...when life gives you lemons ( and it will ) make lemonade ( find the purpose of the struggle and become better and stronger because of it ). Such a much better way to live and go through life instead of feeling cheated and bitter. 
Yes, this mindset really works...I know because I have had a few lemons given to me throughout my life! :)
Good night dear friends!

Beautiful Ombre Summer Style Wedding Cake. Done by Wendy Woo of WENDY WOO CAKES in ORLANDO, FL

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