Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Lessons from my Granddaughter!

Today Angie and I headed off to WW this morning, she was too funny when she kept asking me why they were giving me star stickers. I had to smile as I tried to explain to her that part of the WW thing is, when you do something right or say something that benefits the class then everyone claps and you get a sticker.
Next we did some errands and then came home and played in the back yard for awhile, tried out some new juice bars and then watched a couple of episodes of Kratts Kids. I think it's called, and learned a ton about the animals that they spotlighted.
Jeff came home, we had a few snacks and then went to the pool. Jeff and Angie had fun, I just watched this time, because my swim prosthetic doesn't fit real well in the suit I had on. I told Angie that I didn't want it to fall out or something. Her cute reply was " But Nana if that happened and people started laughing, I would just tell them not to laugh at my Nana and that they are being rude" Then all we can do she said... was to ignore them if they are being like that. Cute girl!  How lucky I am that she is here to teach her ole Nana soooo many life's lessons.
After swimming, showering and dinner...she finally said she was sleepy. Swimming does that to you! :)
As we were saying good night, she asked me if I came up with the quote that is on the photo below.

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I told her that ever since I was a little girl, my Aunt Ina and Grandma Johnny always said it to me when I went to bed at night. Then I remembered seeing this saying on Pinterest, and told her that we must not be the only ones who had this saying.
Still when I hear her say to me "I love you a bushel and a peck and a hug around the neck Nana!"  I can't help but think that my Grandmother Johnny and Aunt Ina would have really loved this cute little red head.
Each Sleep Over we have, reminds me over and over again... how important my role as Nana is in my grandchildren's lives and also how fast time goes by and to stop and enjoy the things that really matter the most!
Good night dear friends!

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