Thursday, July 10, 2014

Christmas in July!

Yesterday was the First Day of Christmas with my job. I can hardly wait each year for a chance to teach Christmas in July. It is so fun to see the ladies, and to share some fun and hopefully creative ideas with them.

“I will honor Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year.” ~ Charles Dickens

It was a great day but it took a bit of energy out of me. Then later that evening I was able to have dinner with a new young friend I just made. It was a chance to get to know her better. What a beautiful young lady she is both inside and out. Every time I get to know someone better, I realize that everyone has a STORY and with that story comes challenges, and experiences that make us who we are. I also realize that we all have a purpose here on earth, a mission (so to speak). And how grateful I have crossed paths with so many incredible women. Having a chance to meet them and be a part of their life is truly a blessing to me.

 After dinner though, I knew I had to go to bed early... I was really feeling bad and just knew that I had hit the wall hours ago and needed to go to bed right then, and believe it or not... ( I did !)
 I really felt grateful that I was able to feel a bit better this morning, because one of my dearest friends ( of many years ) wanted to take me out to lunch and to go window shopping today.  Before we went to lunch, I had an appointment to see the periodontist and she wanted to see how I was healing. She was very pleased and then she told me that she would like to wait another 2 weeks before she took out the stitches. Then she had me try my Flipper on for her, I told her that it didn't look very natural and that it didn't seem to fit very well. After looking at it , she agreed and so I will go in Saturday and try to get that fixed...yeah!
Chris and I had a wonderful time at an outdoor mall. We tried on clothes and just really had a great time. I never had a sister, but I can imagine what that feels like when I am out with my daughters, daughter in law and dear friends, this was one of those times that I felt like I was spending the day with my sister! What a wonderful Birthday gift!
" Friendship isn't a big is a million little things!"

Once again I came home wiped out, I am still better... but everything wipes me out. So I just laid low tonight and I think that was a good idea. I did have some other dear friends come by to visit tonight, so I was grateful to be home when they came. It has been a wonderful couple of days!
Good night dear friends!

Success...This is one of my absolute favorite quotes about success being a journey. That's why I decided to pin it!

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